Our Committee of Management

Wendouree Neighbourhood Centre together with the Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre have in place a Memorandum of Understanding giving both Centres the opportunity to share governance from the one Committee.

The Committee, elected by the Members of both Neighbourhood Centres, believes strongly in involving and encouraging participation, inclusion and valuing diversity by delivering quality programmes, activities, adult education and services which respond to the social, recreational, cultural and economic needs of the community.

Our Committee Members are :


  • Michelle Whyte  (Chair)
  • Kathy Steenhuis  (Vice Chair)
  • Sophie Monkman  (Secretary)
  • Stephen Monkman (Treasurer)
  • Barrie Campbell  (Committee Member)
  • John Horley (Committee Member)
  • Allan Jubber (Committee Member)
  • Pauline O’Shannesy-Dowling  (Committee Member)


Committee Meetings

  • Held the third Tuesday of each Month alternating between both Wendouree and Ballarat Neighbourhood Centres, commencing at 6.30pm
  • Planning sessions are held 1 -3 times per year

Annual General Meeting

Held in April each year.


Membership is offered to all Neighbourhood Centre participants, and those who live or work within the local areas.  Entitlements include community forums and events together with the opportunity to nominate and elect the members of the Committee of Management.